Aunt gives hormones to minor girl to look adult and sells her for Rs. 70 thousand

After the death of parents of a 15 years old girl was adopted by her aunt. But instead of bringing her up as promised she sold her to a customer for Rs. 70 thousand. Meanwhile, the aunt administered injections of hormones so that the girl look like an adult. In the meantime, a youth living with aunt kept exploiting her sexually for 5 years.

minorThe girl belongs to Amravati in Maharashtra and was sold to hardware dealer Rahul son of Raj Kumar Sethi at Khategone in Dewas district of Madhya Pradesh. Rahul kept the girl confined in a room behind his shop. She was not even allowed to peep out from window. One day, Rahul brutally beat her. When she cried, neighbours came to know about her existence in the building. When the matter reached police, the girl narrated her tale of sorrow and exploitation to them.

Shabnam (changed name) informed that when she was reading in class X, her parents at Amravati passed away. She was admitted to a hostel by her maternal grandmothers. From there the aunt took her away on false promise. She took her to many cities with the intention to sell her. However, since she was a weak minor, no one evinced interest in buying her. After this the woman and her son injected hormones in her body to look like an adult. Following this, she sold her to Sethi of Khategaon.

On Shabnam’s complaint the police have arrested aunt and Raju and sent them to jail.

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