Where is Anna Hazare hiding? Ashutosh should be sued and arrested

Where is Anna Hazare hiding? Ashutosh should be sued and arrested

By Muslim Saleem

Only a few years ago, entire India was taken by storm by the movement launched by maverick retired army truck driver turned “social and political reformer” Anna Hazare when he underwent Gandhi-like Satyagrah for Jan Lok Pal Bill for cleanliness, honesty, morality and transparency in politics. At that time most of the people, except me, became impressed by the high drama amidst feverish slogans of Bharat Mata Ki Jay. People were swept away by these promises. Lieutenants of Anna included present Delhi Child Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Aam Aadmi Party’s spokesperson Ashutosh. Later, Kejriwal formed AAP with the announcement of fulfilling these promises.

annaKejriwal said that all his Ministers and MLAs were gem and selected after thorough scanning. But, within just two years, all his claims have been belied since half (3 out of 7) of his ministers and 15 out of 70 MLAs have been found involved in cases of corruption, blackmail, extortion of money and now rape and exploitation of people.

I had the hunch that those crying hoarse against corruption are a horde of power-hungry people who would prove more corrupt when given power. And my hunch has proved true.

Under such circumstance, Anna Hazare must come out and say openly against corruption by his old lieutenants. Why are you hiding in your Anna? Was you also part of the game?

Ashutosh must be sued for comparing rape accused Sandeep with great Indian leaders

Numerous blogs on the internet narrate several unimaginable and intriguing tales of ‘illicit-love affairs’ featuring various political leaders – both contemporary and those in history. If you chance upon them, you read them, get some free laughs and shrug them off.

But when you happen to be a leader of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), you tend to see things differently, it seems. You stop for a while, diligently take note of it and keep it as an instrument to be used to construct an absurd defence, in case you get attacked for some ‘wrongdoing’ in the future.

In an attempt to defend former AAP minister Sandeep Kumar, who was sacked recently following the release of his alleged sex tape, AAP spokesperson Ashutosh chose to defend Kumar citing a logic that is, to put it mildly, disingenuous.

In a blog published on NDTV, while justifying his former colleague, Ashutosh wrote, “Indian history is full of examples of our leaders and heroes who had lived with their desires beyond social boundaries.”

In a comparison that is outright laughable, he exemplified Mahatma Gandhis’ relationship with Sarla Chaudhary, and Gandhi’s ‘experiment with his desires’ as a defence for the alleged acts of Sandeep Kumar.

Ashutosh wrote, “History is also witness to the fact that top leaders of the Congress in 1910s were worried about Gandhi Ji’s relationship with Sarla Chaudhary, who was distantly related to Rabindra Nath Tagore. Gandhi Ji had confessed that Sarla was his spiritual wife. Kasturba Gandhi was very disturbed. C Rajagopalchari and other senior leaders of the party had to intervene. They persuaded, pressured, cajoled Gandhi Ji to leave Sarla. Gandhi Ji, in his later days, slept naked with his two nieces to experiment with celibacy. Pandit Nehru had told him not to do so as the country would rise against him, but Gandhi Ji did not budge.”

He also referred to Nehru’s “reported affairs with many female colleagues”, including “Edwina Mountbatten”, and also talked about the ‘relationships’ of Ram Manohar Lohia, George Fernandes and former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

While numerous authors have interpreted the relationship of these leaders in different ways, never has anyone tried to contrast it in the manner that Ashutosh chose to do.

Apparently, ‘Platonic’ is a word that does not exist in Ashutosh’s vocabulary. It seems that he can only paint a relationship between a man and women in one colour, with a single stroke.

Comparing a rape accused Minister Sandeep Kumar with above mentioned great leaders and heroes of Indian independence movement is a crime in my eyes. Concerning political parties must take the matter to the court.

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