Wife with lover kills NRI husband, makes video of dead body

Shahjahanpur: NRI from England Sukhjeet Singh was murder at Banda area here in his own house by slitting throat. Police investigation revealed that he was murder by his wife and her boyfriend. After murder, accused was trying to escape to Dubai, but was arrested at the airport. British High Commission and Home Ministry have been informed about the incident.

NRiWife misguided police: At the time of murder, wife Ramandeep Kaur, her two children and mother of the deceased were present in the house. Pet dogs were found unconscious while the house was locked from inside. This led the police to cast suspicion on the wife. They checked her mobile phone, which led to revelation of murder.

It was learnt that Ramandeep’s wife had entered into illicit relations with his childhood friend Gurupreet Singh during absence of deceased, who had come to Banda to enjoy leave. Meanwhile, her lover also came from Dubai.

On the night of September 2, both murdered the husband. Gurupreet was trying to escape to Dubai, but was arrested at Delhi airport.

Wife was shooting video of dead body without being emotional of his death. This made the police suspicious. Investigations revealed that activities of Gurupreet, a resident of Kapurthala in Punjab were suspicious. When mobile of woman was checked, it was found that the last call was made to her by Gurupreet. Call detail analysis showed that they used to talk frequently. Police informed that the wife and accused had first got the deceased insured for hefty amount in Britain and then planned to murder him in India. In the night of murder, wife had administered sleeping pills to deceased, his wife and her two children. Dogs were also given sleeping pills.

Later, Gurupreet struck Sukhjeet with hammer. When he did not die. He slit Sukhjeet’s throat and fled away.

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