Assimilate Guru Vachan to make life blessed

PR Minister Dr. Mishra at Shikshak Samman Samroh at Datia

mishra6.9.16Bhopal, September 6, 2016 (Ataullah Faizan):   Our country has been a galaxy of Gurujans. Dr. Radhakrishnan was the twinkling star. Teachers community is always feel pride for his glorified personality. He inspires us all. Minister for Public Relations, Water Resources and Legislative Affairs Dr. Narottam Mishra said this during the Shikshak Samman Samaroh held at Vrindavan Dham of Datia on the occasion of birth anniversary of Sarvapalli Dr. Radhakrishnan today. He further said that he is not honouring the teachers today but he feels honoured. Teachers play an important role in the development of the country. Hence, it is responsibility of the teachers community not only to educate the coming generation but to make them cultured also. Generation should assimilate Guru Vachans to make Life Blessed. Dr. Mishra said that it is a fortunate and happy moment that Ganesh Chaturthi and Teachers’ Day are being celebrated on the same day. Recollecting his memories of student days, Dr. Mishra said that my preceptor had given me three prepositions, people should adore you wherever you live, people should remember you when you left them and people should wait for you where you supposed to go. I try to follow these three commands of my Guru. Underlining the importance of education in life, he said that it is to believe that wherever one school opens a jail shut downs. Dr. Mishra honoured 550 teachers with a bouquet of flower, Shreephal and citation letter on the occasion.

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