At girls college function, Madhya Pradesh MLA openly abuses professor. Why?

MLA“Ay Idhar AA. Kaun hay tu? Main teray baap ka naukar hoon jo tu nay mera naam naheen bola. Bataoon kya tujhay? (O, come here. Who are you? Am I servant of your father that you did not mention my name? I will teach you a lesson)… This was what BSP MLA from Dimmni assembly constituency Balveer Dandotiya told a professor at a function at girls college during a function where Madhya Pradesh Higher Education Minister Jaibhan Singh Pawaiya and Health Minister Rustam Singh were also present. In the introductory speech, the professor had forgotten to mention name of the MLA.

The MLA was attending the function where smart phones were distributed to students. When professor J.K. Mishra forgot to mention name of MLA, he took the mike from him and abused him in this manner.

Anger of the MLA receded only when the professor accepted his “fault” and had him garlanded by a number of people announcing his name.

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