Girl raped by father and brother with mother’s help for 9 years, recounts her ordeal after being rehabilitated

rapeA girl rapes by her real father and brother with mother’s help for 9 years has recounted her shameful and horrible ordeal after being rehabilitated by as beautician government of Akhilesh Yadav in Uttar Pradesh. She is now running a beauty parlour and running independent life. She has been adopted by NGO ASHA and has also been conferred Rani Laxmi Bai Award.

After birth, she was adopted by her maternal grandmother. Till age 14, she lived there. The ordeal began when Grah Parvesh of her parents’ new house was performed. She went to attend the function. When Puja was being performed, the priest told about a bad omen saying that there is Manhoos Saya of the girl on the house. To remove this ill effect, the girl must be raped by father Sadan Singh.

Following tantrik’s shameless advice, her father took her to a room and raped her. When she was resisting the move, her own mother took hold of the daughter and forced her to enter the room with father.

Rape by father continued for two years. One day she confided her brother about her order. The brother who lived in other city and used to come on holidays also started raping instead of helping her. The process continued for 9 years till it came to the fore during Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav’s Janta Darbar, a weekly event at his official residence in Lucknow.

fatherThe police has arrested the accused, including the victim’s mother.

The 20-year-old girl, a resident of Alam Nagar, told her harrowing experience in the CM’s weekly Janta Darbar.

The girl said that she was being raped for the last nine years. Her father and her brother began sexually assaulting her when she was 11-years-old. She also accused her mother of helping her father and brother in the crime.

She said, “I complained to my mother about it (sexual abuse), but mother told me to keep quiet as the incident, if exposed would bring shame and disgrace to their family.”

The girl also said that her family didn’t allow her to move out of the house.

However, the girl, who recently joined a beautician course, shared her grief with her colleagues. Her colleagues asked her to take up the matter at Akhilesh’s Janta Darbar.

The accused, brother Rahul and father Sadan Singh, have confessed to the crime, the Krishnanagar police said.

The girl’s brother Rahul, who works in a mall, said, “I was not under the influence of anyone or anything… I would work and on my days off, she would be alone at home and I would force myself on her.”

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