Instead of taking to hospital, policemen throw patient in rivulet wrapped in polythene

patientPolicemen were given responsibility to carry a patient to another hospital to another hospital. But Instead of taking to hospital, policemen threw the patient in rivulet wrapped in polythene. This heart rending incident occurred in Ghatshila near Ranchi in Jharkhand. The patient kept shouting for help in the rivulet (nullah) for about 20 hours. Though he was rescued by passers-by, yet in the meantime, he caught pneumonia and his life could be saved with much difficulty.

The patient was admitted on September 4, 2016 at PHC Hospital from where he was referred to MGM Medical College.

When villagers saw movement in a plastic bag floating in the rivulet, they opened it. They were surprised to see the patient wrapped in blanket on the polythene bag. The guilty policemen belong to Dhal Bhoomgarh police station. It is not known as to what action has been taken against them for this inhuman act.

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