Man commits suicide on daughter’s birthday, holds wife responsible in suicide note

A man became so fed up by harassment and infidelity of his wife whom he loved more than anything in life, that he committed suicide on the birthday of their daughter at Jalandhar city in Punjab. In his suicide note, Vikas Arora has indicted his wife and in-law for the extreme step.

husbandOwner of Kumar Tent House, Vikas Arora was found unconscious in the slum area near Focal Point in Sodhal Nagar. He was rushed to hospital where he breathed his last. The suicide not said that he was committing suicide due to wife Richa, mother in law Madhu and sister in law Hina. He was married 2 and half years ago. He had one year old daughter on whose first birthday, Vikas ended his life.

Vikas’ father Gurinder could not throw much light on internal reasons behind the suicide. But said that Vikas was perturbed to harassment and excessive pressure mounted by wife and in laws in his day to day and business affairs. Meanwhile, the police have arrested wife and her relatives on the complaint of family members of Vikas.

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