Why even hardcore ISIS banning the burqa in some of its areas?

Although the ISIS terrorist group had earlier made it obligatory for women to wear burqa, it has now banned its use in some areas occupied by it. We, the audience of Bollywood movies, know how handy a burqa can come when a person wants to go under cover. This ‘hoody’ trick has made the ISIS sort of go back on their own words regarding the Islamic garb.

burqaAfter rigorously imposing upon women the law to cover themselves with a burqa, the terror outfit has now banned the veil at their security centres in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul.

Recently, the ISIS has lost several of their commanders at the hands of gun-wielding, burqa-clad people. Report also say many of their victims were escaping by covering themselves under a burqa.

After being hoodwinked in such ways, the ISIS came up with the decision of barring people wearing the veil in their security centres.

News website Iran Front Page is said to have been tipped about the ban by a source in Nineveh, Iraq.

However, the ban only applies to the security centres. In the rest of Mosul and other Iraqi areas controlled by the ISIS, women are still expected to don the burqa.

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