18 hour ordeal, man carries son’s body for post mortem in his lap

In yet another case of medical negligence and police apathy, a man in Jhabua was compelled to run from hospital to police station carrying his son’s body for around 18 hours in order to get the postmortem examination done.

The incident occurred in village Pipalkhunta, near Meghnagar block of Jhabua district.

postThe postmortem was done after 18 hours.

The deceased, Pankaj, son of Pangu Garwal, was bitten by a snake when his parents were not at home.

Pangu’s daughter informed him about the incident after which he reached home and took his son to a nearby community centre from where the patient was referred to Dahod. He reached Dahod where doctors declared his son brought dead. Later, he was asked to contact police for the conduction of postmortem.

He carried his son’s body in his hands and went to police station where he waited for cops. The family alleged police apathy and claimed that due to the delay from police postmortem was done after 18 hours of Pankaj’s death. They also alleged medical negligence.

After getting the autopsy report, they cremated the body as per Hindu rituals.


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