After 12 years’ love affair, marriage was solemnised, but dowry demand of Rs. 50 lakh took life of this girl

Suicide case of Bulbul Jain of Indore has taken a new turn with revelation in post mortem that she was badly beaten half an hour before her death. Her bodies bore more than 12 marks of injuries. This has forced police to investigate the case from murder point of view also.

suicideInterestingly, the in-laws had produced a paper describing it as suicide note by the woman, but DSP had refused presence of a suicide note. Bulbul wife of Gaurav Jain had committed suicide in Jain’s house in scheme number 71 of Indore on August 28, 2016.

Gaurav informed that they had married six months ago after an affair of 12 years. They lived separately in the house. On the day of suicide, Gaurav’s parents had invited the couple at their house. Bulbul did not want to go there. This led to brawl between them. Later, he left alone for parent’s house. On his return, he found that Bulbul had committed suicide.

However, post mortem report revealed that Bulbul was badly beaten before her death. Her father Sunil Jain had complained about dowry demand. He informed that Gaurav and his family members were demanding Rs. 50 lakh in dowry.

After investigation, the police have registered cases of dowry harassment and abetment to suicide against Gaurav, his father Vijay Jain, mother in law Mohini Jain, elder brother in law (Jaith) Aditya Jain and Jaithani Madhuri Jain.

After registering the case, the police raided house but Gaurav and his family members are absconding.

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