He married her after love affair and got her killed since she could not give love like a wife after marriage

The police have arrested a man and two Supari (contact) killers for the murder of a woman at Jhansi in Uttar Pradesh. The murder was committed nine days ago. Husband said that though they have married after love affair but got Poonam killed since she could not give love like a wife after marriage.

murderHusband Vineet Kumar Diwakar and Pooan both were residents of Kanpur. Both had come to Bundelkhand University at Jhansi to pursue course of hotel management in year 2008. Friendship during studies turned into love affair, but due to inter-cast, families of both did not agree on their marriage. After this, they got married in a Mandir on September 29, 2009.

However, after birth of girl child their relations started straining. Meanhile, Poonam restored relations with her relatives and started talking with them over mobile phone.

In recent years, Diwakar who worked as installer of electricity meters, got a bulk order from Kanpur. Due to this, he started living at Kanpur for 15 days and remaining 15 days at Jhansi. For convenience, he purchased a smart phone for the wife.

However, the wife started keeping the phone locked and did not open the lock when the husband got suspicious that she talks to someone in his absence.

This made Vineet suspicious and he gave supari of Rs. 1.80 lakh to his friend. He phoned Poonam from Kanpur that two of his friends need to use computer. They would visit the house and she should allow them to use computer.

Both the supari killers Laxman Kumar and Kamal Kumar entered the house on this pretext and strangulated Poonam. They enacted drama of robbery to hide murder plan. However, intensive questioning with the husband removed the lid over the murder mystery.

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