Old mother kept sleeping near dead son for 5 days, everyone’s eyes wet when incident came to light

It is height of affection of mother towards her son. A sightless old woman, who is sister of local former MLA lived in Shivpuri city of Madhya Pradesh near Gwalior. Her son died 5 days ago, but she did not realise his death and kept sleeping near him as usual. At the time the matter came to light and she was rescued, condition of dead body had deteriorated and there were worms all over the body. Seeing this heart rending scene, people present at the site started weeping.

BetaEven after this, the mother refused to believe that her son has died since she has been doting on him daily. 72 years old Janaki Devi, the sister of ex Shivpuri MLA Ganesh Gautam lived with his 52 years old son Bhagwat Sharan Sharma. Bhagwat’s mental condition was unstable and the mother looked after him. Food to them was provided by son in law Raj Kumar. For the last five days, Raj Kumar did not turn up. In the meantime Sharma passed away due to which the lonely mother got stranded in the house in posh colony RK Puram.

When foul smell spread in the colony, neighbours called the police. After spraying phenyl, the police forced entered the house and brought out the body. They found Janaki Devi lying on the floor near the bed where body of the son was lying in highly decomposed state.

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