Rekha had 10 boyfriends at a time even while she was married for 3 months until husband committed suicide

Rekha and her personal life have always been talked about as much as her talent and beauty. From her alleged love affairs to broken marriages, the mystery around the personal life of the diva defies to fade away. Author Yasser Usman has shed light upon the actress’ few untold moments with his new book ‘Rekha: The Untold Story’.

rekhaThe book brings out Rekha’s different side. From what her contemporaries had to say about her to the lesser-known incidents that showcase the vulnerable, emotional side of the National Award winning actress, the book covers it all. It also brings to the light the dark times when the entire world blamed her for her husband Mukesh’s suicide.

Reports said that Rekha distanced herself from Mukesh after 3 months of their wedding, and Mukesh ended his life within one year of their marriage.

Rekha married Delhi-based Mukesh Aggarwal in 1990. They moved to London after the marriage and spent good times with each other, during the early marriage. However, problems started to surface as a week passed by. Rekha noticed that Mukesh consumed many medicines in a day. Then one odd day, Mukesh looked into Rekha’s eyes and said, “I also have an AB in my life.”

Rekha tried to understand and cope with the situation, but after 3 months of her wedding, when things did not get better, Rekha started to distance herself from Mukesh and his family. Rekha’s behaviour was a shock for a depressed Mukesh, who soon ended his life by committing suicide.

Media, fans and Mukesh’s family blamed Rekha for the suicide. Mukesh’s brother, Anil Gupta said, “My brother truly loved Rekha. He could not ignore what Rekha was doing to him.”

Rekha has always been known for a controversial past and love life. Check out the other men whom she dated.

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