Social media pressure: abductor panic, release girl without ransom

Thanks to the pressure built by social media, kidnappers in Ajmer abandoned the college girl they had abducted from Bhopal on August 30. The picture of girl Rachna Parmar, who studies in MLB College in Bhopal, went viral on social media sending her abductors into panic.

rachnaThe police have arrested three men in connection with the kidnapping.

Three weeks ago, unidentified men had called up Rachna’s father Bhopal Singh, who works as labour contractor, threatening to abduct his three kids.

The miscreants actually managed to abduct Singh’s college going daughter Rachna on August 30.

The police had announced Rs 30,000 reward and Rachna’s father too joined in by announcing Rs 1 lakh reward for anyone who offered information about her.

As the pictures of the abducted girl went viral on social media, this panicked the kidnappers and they fled abandoning the in an Ajmer hotel.

The kidnappers had demanded Rs 20 lakh ransom for her release.

The Bhopal police had learnt about the kidnappers three days ago and reached Ajmer for nabbing the culprits.

The accused have been booked under relevant sections of the IPC.


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