Boyfriend calls girlfriend for meeting and then gang-raped her with two friends

A girl native of Delhi was gang raped by her boyfriend and two of his friends at Meerut. When her condition deteriorated they dropped her to a hospital and fled away. The woman has been sent for medical test by the police to the district hospital.

rapeThe 38 years old woman, a resident of Kashmiri Gate, Delhi informed that her boyfriend had called her. She was taken by the youth named Nakul in a car from Ghaziabad Raj Nagar Extension to Meerut. He was accompanied by his two friends. All the three persons raped her first in the car and then in the hotel where she was taken. When her condition deteriorated, the accused took her to Sarvhit Hospital in Modipuram. When lady doctor was checking her, the accused fled away.

The victim is mother of a girl and boy. She is patient of thyroid. Due to it, her husband was neglecting and harassing her. As a result, she came close to Nakul who was acquaintance of her husband. She was shocked that Nakul has broken her confidence after she left her home on his promises.

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