Love affair was from class nine, now lover-turned husband becomes great villain for this woman

A woman has filed an FIR against her husband for grave charges. She alleged that her mother in law had died on September 5. On that day, her in-laws confined her in room for entire night and beat her brutally. She was not even allowed to go to toilet. The police have assured about quick action.

kickEarlier, her husband had kicked her in the stomach due to which embryo in her womb died and unaware of its death, she roamed carrying the death foetus in her womb for 3 weeks. The woman lives at Sitapur in Uttar Pradesh.

She informed that she and Chandra Mohan Singh had fallen in love when they were studying in class Nine. Despite opposition by both families, the continued to meet secretly in the nights and entered into physical relations. Meanwhile, Chandra Mohan Singh offered here liquor and shot her nude MMS. After this, he threatened her family members and forced them to marry her with him. The marriage was solemnised on April 21, 2015.

After marriage, her elder brother-in-law started making advances towards here. She complained to the husband about it. Instead of action against brother-in-law, her husband got enraged and kicked her in the stomach leading to death of foetus in the womb.

Later, the woman went back to her family members. She went again to husband’s house when her mother in law passed away and this violence was perpetrated on her. She alleged that her in-laws were demanding Rs. 20 lakh as dowry.


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