These siblings have snake like skin, face problems in school and society

A 13 years old girl Sayali Kapse and 11 years old Siddharth Kapse have snake-like skin. When their were born, nurses had got afraid. When they attained school-going age, schools after schools refused to give them admission. Now, they are studying in a government school where also they are problems. The children are suffering from a rare disease.

snake-likeAccording to doctors, this is a genetic disorder. Generally, a person’s entire skin changes every 28 days. In this disease, these children’s entire skin is not changing. It is changing in different spots differently due to which their skin looks like that of snake.

Children’s mother Sarika said that people get scared on seeing them and keep away from them describing them as evil spirits. They were denied admission in many schools. Finally, they were admitted in government school where also other children keep away from them. People also suspect that the children have some contagious disease, which is wrong.

The children are alive on heavy doses of medicines costing the family about Rs. 200 per day. Their father Subhas Kapse works in an automobile parts factory in Pune near Mumbai and earns a meager Rs. 15 thousand per month. He had to sell his ancestral agriculture land to meet expenses on treatment of the children. However, the disease is regarded as incurable.

Sayali Kapse wishes to become a chartered account after being grown up.

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