Unique effort to make children nourished

Nutri-Corner to be established in 92 thousand Aaganwadis

Bhopal, September 9, 2016 (Ataullah Faizan):  In order to attract and to make children nutrition conscious, a campaign to establish nutri-corners in 92 thousand aaganwadis of the state will be conducted from October 2. Nutritious food like Chana, Murmura, Gur etc. will be kept in transparent boxes in nutri-corners to attract children towards these food items and to facilitate them to have food of their own choice. Directives as regard to this innovative experiment have been issued to all the district programme officers of the integrated child development. Malnourished children of over 3 years of age will be inspired to have nutritious food at the aaganwadi centers itself by establishment of these nutri-corners, which will also help increase in attendance of children at aaganwadi centers. Moreover, establishment of nutri-corner will help improvement in mental and physical health of children, fulfillment of nutritious supplements, developed habit to have nutritious food and will make community awareness about nutritious food. Nutritious food will be kept in transparent boxes at the fixed places in each aaganwadi for easy access and consumption for children. It will be necessary for the children to wash their hands first before taking nutritious food. Availability of nutritious food will be made with cooperation of public representatives, non government organizations and community. Moreover, availability of nutritious items in the transparent boxes will be ensured everyday by the aaganwadi workers.

Also list containing names of people or organisations cooperating in availability of such nutritious item will be displayed in each aaganwadi. List will also contain amount and material donated towards this generous cause. Help of health and panchayat workers will be taken for smooth functioning of nutri-corners and walls painting will be done for publicity of corners to inform the community.

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