Wife had relations with boss, her letter reveals 12 days after death of computer engineer

A computer engineer died under suspicious circumstances at Indore. The mystery has deepened on the 12th day of his death when his 12th day rituals were being performed. In the letter, his wife has apologized for sexual relations with her boss.

wifeGagan son of Shiv Prasad lived in Limbodi Colony under Tejaji Nagar police station. He was married to a software engineer girl of Bhopal last year. Post mortem report of Gagan is still awaited. Meanwhile, wife’s letter has given a new twist to the case.

The letter was found when the father was collecting Gagan’s belongings for disposal on 12th day of his death. The letter fell from a book. In the letter, wife has confessed that she had illicit relations with boss of the company where she worked before marriage. She was also in contact with boss even after marriage. Coming to know of it, Gagan had sent her to her family members in Bhopal. She had promised Gagan that she would not meet her boss again. Following this, Gagan took her back to Indore. However, she did not keep her promise and keep meeting the boss.

Taking this confession letter, father of Gagan rushed to the police station. Now the police are re-investigating the case from the point of murder or abetment to suicide.

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