Married at 12, gives birth at 13 and ends life by jumping from hospital roof

Juhi Umraon was forced by parents at the age of just 12. Though Juhi, a resident of Gumla in Jharkhand married under pressure, she was highly disturbed over it. At the age of 13 years, she gave birth to a baby. On Saturday, the girl committed suicide by jumping off the hospital rooftop at Ranchi.

suicideJuhi had neither administered mother’s milk to the baby nor seen her face after birth. She was urging to return home.

Husband Jagannath Umraon informed that when his sister went to see the girl, she was not on the bed. Two hours later, her body was found fallen from hospital roof.

Meanwhile, the highly anaemic and underweight 1.5 kilo infant has been kept in neonatal unit to save its life.

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