In height of superstition, woman did this cruel act with her child

A woman branded her own infant son with hot iron rod in Beawar in Ajmer district on Sunday, under the influence of a ‘bhopa’. The child is admitted in a hospital and is critical.

superThe woman confessed that she branded her son with hot iron rod on the advice of a bhopa in the village, to relieve him of ghost possession.

Blinded by superstition, woman brands infant son with hot iron rod

She said that she performed the ritual as her son was ill and was not recovering. The child is reportedly malnourished and underweight.

Priest singers of folk deities are called ‘Bhopas’ in Rajasthan. There have been many cases in the past of ‘Bhopas’ being involved in superstitious practice.

The child is now admitted in a critical condition at the Amrit Kaur Government Hospital in Beawar.

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