School students don’t know who is Narendra Modi, describe him as district MLA

When asked who their district’s MLA was, students at a governmnet school in Jabalpur said it was Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

narendraThough, it is unclear whether they realise that Modi is India’s prime minister. Such is the pathetic state of education and learning in government schools here.

Furthermore, the village in question has been adopted by a MLA, who claimed of improving education in the village.

Jabalpur MLA Rakesh Singh had adopted Kohla village under Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana two years ago. He had claimed that development and education would be improved in the village under his watch. However, the reality begs to differ.

Students, even as old as eighth graders, said their district MLA was Narendra Modi. Furthermore, when asked to spell Sunday and Monday, the students had no answer.

The staff at the school was questioned over the situation of education in the village, to which they said that since a lot of villagers leave the town in search for better work, their children are unable to concentrate on studies.

They also said that there is acute shortage of teachers in these schools.

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