After walking on foot for 4 kms for Ganesha immersion, Kapoors lose control, turn violent

It was not something that one anticipated while covering Kapoor family’s Ganpati visarjan. The media was in for a brutal shocked when they were shoved, pushed and even allegedly slapped by the Kapoors. And all this happened at their family’s Ganpati Visarjan in Chembur, Mumbai.

kapoorsThe visarjan procession which started around 1.30 pm saw the Kapoors – Rishi, Randhir and Ranbir Kapoor walking for almost four kms to immerse the idol. An eyewitness says the long walk caused absolute mayhem with people thronging and climbing over barricades to catch a glimpse of the stars. To make matters complicated there were a lot of other Ganpati idols on road for visarjan along with that of the Kapoors. And owing to the presence of the celebs a monstrous crowd had gathered. All hell broke loose when Ranbir started playing the cymbals. It was a shot that media personnel rightfully tried to capture and that is when Rishi Kapoor reportedly turned violent. He is believed to have turned around and allegedly slapped a cameraman. It is also alleged that Rishi landed a slap on a reporter as well.

In a few video clippings that has now gone viral, Rishi and Randhir are seen manhandling and pushing and shoving people around them. As can be seen from one of the clips, Randhir inexplicable loses his cool when a reporter approaches him for a byte. The yesteryear actor rudely shooed him away almost landing a slap on his face.

In yet another instance, a senior journalist of a Hindi news channel was brutally pushed away from the car of the actors. It’s not quite clear if the actor pushed the scribe away or it was the doing of their posse of bodyguards.

“There was no reason for Rishi or Randhir to turn angry and violent. All that the media was trying to do was their simple duty that is covering the event. All was well until the actors turned violent for no rhyme or reason. Rishi misbehaved with a very senior cameraman of a news channel. His actions were really uncalled for,” says a source.

The actors were also heckled by pesky fans around all of whom received the alleged slap treatment from an angry Rishi.

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