“Dead” returns home on his 10th day death ritual

aliveHYDERABAD: To the pleasant surprise of a family, a 55-year-old function hall worker was found alive even as they were preparing to perform his 10th day ceremony at Amberpet on Sunday.

Anjaiah, 55, of Hanuman Nagar in Golnaka of Amberpet, works at a function hall at Malakpet. On the evening of September 1, Anjaiah, an alcoholic, left home for his work. As Anjaiah did not return even the next day, his son Krishna began searching for him.

On September 4, Krishna showed Anjaiah’s photograph to the Mir Chowk police station constables posted at the exit gate of Mahatma Gandhi Bus Station (MGBS). One of the constables identified Anjaiah and told Krishna that he was found lying drunk on the road near the MGBS and then shifted him to Osmania General Hospital. Krishna then rushed to OGH, but he was unable to locate his father.

Subsequently, on September 5, Krishna went to the Afzalgunj police station and showed his father’s photograph to the constables. The Afzalgunj police told Krishna that they had found a 55-year-old man with injuries on the road near the state library and admitted him to OGH. “Doctors performed a surgery on the head of the victim. Krishna and his mother identified the victim as Anjaiah, who was swathed in bandages, and took care of him at the hospital for three days before he succumbed to his injuries on September 8,” Afzalgunj inspector C Anjaiah said.

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