Head of this slain dacoit being searched since 3 decades

dacoitJAISALMER: Karna Bhil, who was once a dacoit and also featured in the Guinness World Records for his 8 feet long moustache was murdered way back on January 2, 1988. But 28 years on, his last rites are yet to be performed as Bhil’s murderers took away his head with them to Pakistan, and the last rites cannot be performed without it.

On that fateful day Bhil had left his house on his camel cart to buy fodder for his cattle. When he was passing by Sonar Fort, a few people attacked him from behind and beheaded him. His body was put on the camel cart. It was a shocking sight for the family when the camel reached Bhil’s home in Air Force Colony with his headless body. The family members realised what had happened and launched a search for his head but could not find it. The search is still on till date.

The body was buried near his house and till date Bhil’s family hopes the his head will be returned. According to senior police officials, on October 2, 1988, between 3-4 pm, Kayam and Mehrab Khan, residents of Satto (Pakistan), Hussain and Redmal, residents of Pethodai (Jaisalmer) killed Bhil and took away his head. They then offered it on the grave of one Illiyas who had been murdered by Bhil in 1975. Kayam is Illiyas’s son. A case had been lodged at Kotwali police station.

During those days there was no fencing at the border and hence it was easy for murderers to escape to Pakistan. Police also say that there is no extradition treaty between India and Pakistan through which culprits can be brought here.

According to Bodha Ram, son of Bhil, the family is still hopeful of getting back his father’s head and hence the final rites were not performed.

He said that Bhil was an excellent Nad player and in 1982 when he came out of jail on parole the then President of India, late Gyani Zail Singh had come to Jaisalmer and heard Bhil’s music. The President had then pardoned Bhil’s sentence.

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