To pressurize girl for marriage, youth abducts her nephew

abductionNew Delhi: In yet another case related to stalking, a youth was arrested on Sunday for kidnapping a six-year-old nephew of a woman he had been stalking. He had threatened to kill the boy if she continued to rebuff his marriage proposal.

Police said on Monday that the youth had picked up the kid from Mundka in west Delhi and fled to village in Sheikhpura district of Bihar.

Pintoo Kumar met the woman at a wedding in their village of Hiran Kudna in Bihar’s Bhagalpur. The besotted Kumar befriended the child’s father to be able to reach the woman. He even shifted to Delhi after the object of his affection moved to the capital with her sister and brother-in-law. Last month he approached the woman’s sister with a marriage proposal, but it was turned down on account of his being unemployed.

On September 14, the jilted man abducted the boy from his school. He boarded a train with the child and got down at Mughal Sarai to call the boy’s mother from a PCO booth there. He told the family that he had the boy in his custody and would kill him if they turned down his proposal to marry their sister.

“A team was formed to track him down and technical surveillance located him to his village in western Bihar. The cops in the area were alerted and the child was rescued on Sunday,” said Pushpender Kumar, DCP (West). A Delhi Police team reached the village and arrested Kumar the same day.

During questioning, the man confessed to being obsessed about the idea of marrying the woman and had decided to take the drastic step to coerce her family members. A case of abduction has been registered against him. A relative who had accommodated Kumar and the boy was also detained.

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