20 servants to turn this 317 kg man in bed and make him sit

motaWhat you need to know that for 10 years, 30 consecutive bowl eating noodles every day what happens? Malaysian Shia Chi has been difficult to get up from bed to Hereng. Today we are going to tell you how this man brought his food addiction Hospitl.ambulens not loaded into the lorry was taken to hospital …

317 kg Shia Chi Hereng 30 Bowl noodles a day eating habit. Also included in their diet of milkshakes and ice cream at several glass plates. Shia Chi every day for the past 10 years have been eating so much food. Not shake the bed after eating Shia Chi. The last few days because of pain in the chest, he was unable to move. The 33-year-old Shiite Kyi has come all the way to hospital. The real trouble started here. Shiite Kyi has hired 20 people to beds. He was taken to hospital ambulance loaded in place of the lorry.

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