Hostel Life: More spicy less sour say both girl and boy hostellers in Bhopal


By Muslim Saleem

Many people do come from outside their country to earn their bread and butter and to incessant their studies. They had to cope up with plenty of problems and one of the inevitable problems is to solve the shelter problem. They brood over this situation and at last go for three options. First is Hostel, second is Paying Guest and Third is Room on rent. Most of the people and youngsters usually go for three things. They normally wish to have a wonderful hostel that can provide them all expected facilities. If these hostels failed in performing their commitments and promises then normally these people get hurt. Students who came in the cities to study and get the degrees find themselves to manage with the problems of the hostel and continue their studies. But this is the first side of the coin. Other side of the coin shows entirely different. Hostel life has its own great wonders youngsters not only enjoy the company of their hostel mates but they also get many eminent friends which cooperate them throughout their life and which also became part of their grief’s and bliss. They even start loving this home away hostel life. People may not find themselves comfortable but they find it more recreating soothing to spent the most unforgettable time with their peer group. Now dear friends lets put a glence over the pleasures and sorrows of hostel life by reading some important and strange statements of our hostel and non hostel friends:

hostel-girlsAlka Kumari: I had come from a very distant place and in this strange city nobody was mine to give me proper sheter and security. This hostel of mine is very peaceful but full of warmth. Among all my class mates also dwell in the same hostel. Thus we are very familiar with each other. We enjoyed the company of others girls too of different arenas who had came here to study. We talked almost for the midnight and these things removed our home sickness. I think hostel life is not so bad as it is said.

Shashi Bala: Nostalgia can never we removed in the hostel life. But to get good friends in hostel can remove this problem at greater extent. Hostel and its quality or facilities are always less concerned by me. I believe in the people and their behaviour towards of you. If the people are rude and ill mannered then a good hostel can also became a hell for and in the same manner if you have extraordinary and cooperative friend then that hostel can serene one’ soul with all the charm and happiness.

Santosh Kumar: Home is home and it is always sweet. I also came from another city any failed in getting a good hostel. Well I think in this city there is a dearth of good boys hostel. Girl’s Hostel can be seen very easily but to find boys one is a mirage in the desert. So I dwell in a room on rent. I shared this room with two classmates of mine to minimise the share of the rent. We all three guys are like brothers to each other. We hardly feel that we all are in a new city. They care for me and we all worries in the problem of each other. I think this is the common scenario one can have with the people who had came from other cities. I think I am quite lucky in this matter.

Asha: Who cares about the troubles or problem what is the use of that life which is spent without any worry or adventure. I think all these petty things and the way we encounter them made us very robust and strong. Hostel life shows one how to face the problem of the life. This life is very essential for everybody to became self independent and responsible. People must learn how to derive the remedies of various inevitable problems. But on summing up every thing I will like to conclude with this fact that people shall not be fugitive with hostel life. It is very necessary for the full development and growth of the people.

Rajani: living alone being away from the bosom of your mother and care of family is very tough job. But this is not the innovative or modern tradition. People of ancient times or Vedic ages sent their kids to Gurukul Ashram which make them to reside in the Gurukul Ashram to live them with all the probable anxieties of life. This bestowed them the strength to face the life and fight with them. But though it seems very lavish and full of fun but one should be careful with all his personel materials and life. If you will allow one to peep your life and can read the leaves your pages then it can prove fatal in the near days. So rely on your hostel mates but everything should be in limit.

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