Ajmer Dargah’s beggars are wealthy, maintain bank accounts and ATM cards

beggarWith a handsome earning through begging, many beggars in the narrow bylanes outside the Dargah of Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti in Ajmer maintain their own bank accounts.

Pappu Singh, a beggar from Bihar, keeps a target of Rs 200 per day to deposit it in his account.

With handsome alms, beggars at Ajmer dargah maintain bank accounts and ATM cards

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Pappu became a beggar by chance. Pappu, whose limbs were amputated, came to visit Ajmer for blessings of Khawaja when some devotees thinking he is a beggar started giving him alms, says a report in Times of India.

“I first felt offended but later accepted it as a blessing of the Khawaja Garib Nawaz,” said Pappu.

Two other beggars, both siblings from Tripura, have a joint bank account in the Canara Bank.

The two brothers- Raja Islam and Sahidul Islam- are in the begging business for the last 10 years in Ajmer.

Sahidul is blind, but Raja helps him in manoeuvring through the congested bylanes of Ajmer for alms.

Another beggar Nassema Khanu aged 62 travels 30-km from Kishangarh to Ajmer on a daily basis for begging around dargah.

On every second or third day, Naseema deposits her saving in a nationalised bank and uses an ATM card to check her balance.

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