Cousins in previous life born as twins again, claim they died due to drowning

twinsTwo twin brothers from Shahjahanpur district of Uttar Pradesh have claimed their rebirth.

Reportedly, the boys, a resident of Bagiyanath village, have asserted that they were cousin brothers in their past lives and had died after drowning in a pond.

Twin brothers claim rebirth, publicly identify father, relatives of past life

Twin brothers Nitesh and Jitesh.

Interestingly, Sukbir Singh’s 15-year-old son Saurabh Singh and Sukhbir’s younger brother’s son 14-year-old Omi drowned in a pond while bathing on August 3, 2010.

After around 10 months of their death, two boys were born to one Bagiyanath resident Bijendra.

As the boys, Jitesh and Nitesh, grew older they started telling the family about their past life.

Three months back, both reached to the house of Sukhbir Singh and one of them called him his father.

Soon after this, Sukhbir took the children to his house where both of them recognised their past life family members.

If the children are to believed, Nitesh claims that he was Saurabh in his past life whereas, Jitesh claims that he was Omi.

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