For one year Taj Mahal’s dome to be covered with mud to restore whiteness

tajThe Taj Mahal that witness hundreds of tourists’ footfall on a single is likely to witness a drop in footfall as for the first time ever, the dome of the monument will be covered with mud for a whole year.

The mud-pack therapy is being done on its main dome to remove yellowness from the white marble surface.

According to reports, the Archaeological Survey of India’s (ASI) process will involve iron scaffolding all around the main dome, will take more than a year to complete.

The therapy will be carried out by the ASI’s science branch which has sought a no-objection certificate from its civil department.

It may be mentioned here that the cleaning of the main dome is part of a conservation plan submitted to the Parliamentary standing committee on environment, which had raised serious objections over black and yellow spots on the marble surface, especially the minarets, during an inspection in April last year.

A senior ASI official said that conservation work on three minarets, out of the four in all, has been done. “Soon, after work on the fourth minaret, we will start with the main structure. At present, therapy on the facade is going on. We will try and start the work by April next year,” he added.

The monument’s surface is covered with a 2-mm thick layer of Fuller’s earth and when it dries, the flakes are removed from the surface with soft nylon brushes and washed with distilled water to remove impurities sticking to the surface.

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