Who raped and killed perfume expert Monika Ghurde at Panaji in Goa?

perfume-designerPANAJI: Former security guard Rajkumar Singh showed perfumer Monika Ghurde three porn clips before raping and murdering her in cold blood, he confessed during an interrogation by Goa police on Tuesday.

Revealing the chilling details, Goa DIG Vimal Gupta confirmed that the accused had raped Ghurde. The police said he had also planned the murder and it was not accidental as suspected earlier.

Gupta said Singh, posing as a security supervisor, knocked the door. When she opened the door, he entered Ghurde’s flat forcibly and held her at knife point. When she was about to shout, Singh overpowered her and covered her mouth with his hand and took her inside the bathroom. Ghurde become nervous and went into a semi-conscious state.

The DIG said Singh revealed that he then tied her to the bed, binding both her hands and legs. After ensuring that she was helpless, he demanded money.

“She told Singh to take whatever money was there in her purse. He found Rs 4,000, which Singh told her was not enough for him,” Gupta said, adding that when Singh demanded more, Ghurde told him to take her ATM card and gave him the PIN.

Later, Singh took her cellphone to prevent her from alerting anyone and forced her to give him the cellphone’s password. “Once he got the password, he forced her to watch three porn clips,” the DIG said.

Gupta said Singh released Ghurde’s legs and raped her. “We will add Section 376 (rape) IPC to the case,” he added.

The DIG said the police has clinching evidence as the suspect shaved at Ghurde’s flat. “We have recovered hair from the spot,” he said and added that a DNA analysis would be done.

Goa police also ruled out the involvement of any other person in the crime. Initially, the police was working on two suspects following CCTV footage+ they obtained from an ATM in Porvorim.

Goa police said that revenge, lust and robbery were the motives behind the crime.

A local court on Tuesday remanded Singh, 21, a native of Bathinda, Punjab, to six days police custody. He had been working as a security guard at Sapana Raj Valley, Sangolda, where Ghurde’s body was found naked with her hands tied to the bed.

Speaking to mediapersons, Gupta said, “After Singh raped Ghurde, he must have realised that she knew him very well and would complain. Hence, he suffocated her by pressing the neck and smothered her with a pillow till she died.”

Singh, who completed his first year BCom through open school in Haryana, came to Goa on April 5 this year and joined a security group. He later left the job and joined another security agency, which posted him at Sapana Raj Valley, the DIG said.

Based on the interrogation, Gupta said that on June 7, Ghurde visited the complex for the first time to find out if she could find a flat on rent. Singh was on duty at the main gate of the complex. Ghurde met Singh at the gate and inquired with him whether any flat was vacant. Singh disclosed details of a few flats to her. Singh discovered after four days that Ghurde had begun residing in the complex.

“Singh was fascinated by Ghurde since the time they first interacted,” Gupta said, adding that since then, the suspect kept track of Ghurde and ensured that she was staying alone.

Gupta also said that since Ghurde had hired the suspect to wash her car, his interactions with her were frequent. “Singh was not a stranger to Ghurde and he was familiar with the layout of the flat.”

The DIG said she was out often, and there were hardly any visitors to her flat.

On July 22, Singh was removed from the job based on complaints from residents, including Ghurde. Gupta said Singh had linked Ghurde’s complaint to his termination. Ghurde’s missing umbrella was found in Singh’s possession. Singh’s employer refused to pay him two months’ salary totalling Rs 20,000.

“He was angry not only with the employer but also with Ghurde,” he said. Singh subsequently worked as a labourer at Ponda and on two occasions, visited Ghurde to pressurise her to take back her complaint, so that he could get his job back. Later, Singh went out of Goa in search of a job.

“As Singh was without a job and money, he diverted his anger and frustration towards Ghurde and planned the crime,” Gupta added.

The DIG said Singh returned to the state on October 2 and on October 3, he entered the complex through the main gate during the day and not through the rear fence as was suspected earlier. He came with the intention of recovering his payment for car washing from residents who had employed him. At the time, he went to the terrace of Ghurde’s building and hid there for three days and two nights.

Gupta said nobody noticed him getting into the complex. Singh entered Ghurde’s flat on October 5 at around 6.30pm and left the complex on October 6 at 3.30am. On the same night at about 11.30, Ghurde’s body was found+ , after the neighbour opened the flat on the request of Ghurde’s brother.

Police said while he was hiding on the terrace, he would come down often to check if Ghurde’s car was there.


Mumbai: Monica Ghurde, a well-known perfume designer, has been found dead at her home in Sangolda, Goa police said on Friday.

Police said the body was discovered on Thursday evening by one of her neighbours who had a spare key to Ghurde’s flat.

The neighbour was alerted by Ghurde’s brother after the 39-year-old perfume designer failed to respond to his repeated calls.

On entering the flat with the spare key, the neighbour found Ghurde’s semi-naked body in the bedroom, police said.

“For the time being we have registered a case of murder, but we also suspect rape and burglary. We are waiting for the post-mortem report,” a senior police official said.

The autopsy is being carried out at the Goa Medical College.

The DIG and forensic experts are at the spot right now.

Ghurde who started out as a photographer went on to become a perfumer and researcher, setting up the perfumery house MoLAB.

Monika, was living in a rented three-bedroom flat in Sangolda village, about 10 km from here, since July after shifting from the adjoining Porvorim village, police said.

The police are currently questioning her neighbours and are making efforts to nab the accused.

Monika was known as one of India’s best perfume designers and researcher. She gained popularity by conducting multiple ‘smell’ workshops across the world.

पणजी (गोवा).एक परफ्यूम स्पेशलिस्ट की बेरहमी से हत्या करने का मामला सामने आया है। शुक्रवार को एक पॉश सोसायटी के फ्लैट में मोनिका घुरडे (39) की लाश मिली। बॉडी पर कोई कपड़ा नहीं था। हाथ-पैर बेड से बंधे हुए थे। पुलिस को शक है कि डकैती के दौरान महिला से गैंगरेप और फिर मर्डर किया गया। फ्लैट में अकेली थी महिला…

– मीडिया रिपोर्ट्स के मुताबिक, शुक्रवार को मोनिका की लाश पणजी के पास सनगोल्डा स्थित फ्लैट में मिली। वह मूलरूप से नागपुर की रहने वाली थी। पिछले 2-3 दिन से मोनिका घुरडे (39) अपने फ्लैट में अकेली रह रही थीं। पुलिस को शक है कि डकैती के दौरान उनके साथ गैंगरेप किया गया।

भाई ने कॉल किया तो हुआ खुलासा

– केस की जांच कर रहे इंस्पेक्टर राजेश कुमार ने बताया, ”गुरुवार को मोनिका के भाई ने उसे कई बार कॉल किया। जब फोन नहीं उठा तो उसने मोनिका के विदेशी दोस्त को कॉन्टैक्ट किया।”

– ”इसी बीच, पड़ोसियों ने देखा कि फ्लैट का मेन गेट खुला था। मोनिका की न्यूड बॉडी एक कमरे में पड़ी मिली।”
– कुमार ने कहा, ”मोनिका की गर्दन पर निशान मिले हैं। शायद किसी ने गला घोंटकर उसे मारा है। माना जा रहा है कि मर्डर बुधवार को हुआ।”

– पुलिस की टीम सिक्युरिटी गार्ड और कुछ संदिग्धों से पूछताछ कर रही है। पोस्टमार्टम रिपोर्ट आने के बाद और जानकारियां सामने आएंगी।

कौन थी मोनिका?

– परफ्यूम डिजाइनर के रूप में फेमस मोनिका ‘एमओ’ लैब की फाउंडर थीं। उन्होंने पहली लैब चेन्नई में सेटअप की थी।
– इस बिजनेस में आने से पहले मोनिका एक प्रोफेशनल फोटोग्राफर और ग्राफिक डिजाइनर थीं।
– एक परफ्यूम एक्सपर्ट के रूप में मोनिका ने इंडिया समेत यूरोप, न्यूयॉर्क में कई वर्कशॉप कंडक्ट की थी।

– फिलहाल वे कई विदेशी प्रोजेक्ट के लिए रिसर्च वर्क कर रही थीं।

پنجی (گوا) .ایک خوشبو اسپیشلسٹ وحشیانہ قتل کرنے کا معاملہ سامنے آیا ہے. جمعہ کو ایک متمول سوسائٹی کے فلیٹ میں مونیکا گھرڈے (39) کی لاش ملی. باڈی پر کوئی کپڑا نہیں تھا. ہاتھ پیر بستر سے بندھے ہوئے تھے. پولیس کو شک ہے کہ ڈکیتی کے دوران عورت سے گینگ ریپ اور پھر قتل کیا گیا. فلیٹ میں اکیلی تھی عورت …
– میڈیا رپورٹس کے مطابق، جمعہ کو مونیکا کی لاش پنجی کے پاس سنگولڈا واقع فلیٹ میں ملی. وہ بنیادی طور سے ناگپور کی رہنے والی تھی. گزشتہ 2-3 دن سے مونیکا گھرڈے (39) اپنے فلیٹ میں اکیلی رہ رہی تھیں. پولیس کو شک ہے کہ ڈکیتی کے دوران ان کے ساتھ گینگ ریپ کیا گیا.
بھائی نے فون کیا تو ہوا انکشاف
– کیس کی تحقیقات کر رہے انسپکٹر راجیش کمار نے بتایا، ” جمعرات کو مونیکا کے بھائی نے اسے کئی بار کال کیا. جب فون نہیں اٹھا تو اس نے مونیکا کے غیر ملکی دوست کے لیے کنٹیکٹ کیا. ”
– ” اسی درمیان، پڑوسیوں نے دیکھا کہ فلیٹ کی مین گیٹ کھلا تھا. مونیکا کی عریاں باڈی ایک کمرے میں پڑی ملی. ”
– کمار نے کہا، ” مونیکا کی گردن پر نشانات ملے ہیں. شاید کسی نے گلا گھوٹكر اسے مارا ہے. مانا جا رہا ہے کہ قتل بدھ کو ہوا. ”
– پولیس کی ٹیم سیکورٹی گارڈ اور کچھ مشتبہ افراد سے پوچھ گچھ کر رہی ہے. پوسٹ مارٹم رپورٹ آنے کے بعد اور معلومات سامنے آئیں گی.
کون تھی مونیکا؟
– خوشبو ڈیزائنر کے طور پر مشہور مونیکا ‘اےمو’ لیب کی پھاڈر تھیں. انہوں نے پہلی لیب چنئی میں سیٹ اپ کی تھی.
– اس بزنس میں آنے سے پہلے مونیکا ایک پروفیشنل فوٹو گرافر اور گرافک ڈیزائنر تھیں.
– ایک خوشبو ایکسپرٹ کے طور پر مونیکا نے انڈیا سمیت یورپ، نیویارک میں بہت ورکشاپ کنڈکٹ کی تھی.
– فی الحال وہ بہت سے غیر ملکی پروجیکٹ کے لئے ریسرچ ورک کر رہی تھیں.

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