Man kills beggar to fake his own death and elopes with 22 years old girl

murderIn a shocking incident, a man faked his own death and turned into a murderer to elope with a girl of his choice.

The accused, Mohammad Mukarram, father of four allegedly killed a beggar, disfigured his face with sharp weapon and put his own voter identity card in deceased’s pocket.

Father of four fakes his own death to elope with lover, kills beggar

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According to a report, Mukarram has planned to run away with a 22-year-old girl, who belongs from a different community, after the news of his ‘death’ would be circulated in the area.

However, Roorkee Police nabbed him on Saturday and foiled his plan to elope with his lover.

Quoting Haridwar SSP Rajiv Swaroop, the report states that ‘It was a perfect ploy but the mistake he made was to repeatedly call his girlfriend from a particular number.’ Having destroyed his phone, Mukarram had begun using a new number and unknown to both him and his lover, police had quietly put it on surveillance.

The body of a young man was found by police in a field in Piran Kaliyar, Roorkee, on September 19. ‘Since the face had been badly disfigured with a sharp-edged weapon, we could only establish its identity with a voter ID card that we found in the deceased’s clothes,’ said Ramesh Singh Tanvaar, station officer of Piran Kaliyar police station in a statement to TOI.

With the help of documents, cops probing the gory incident reached a place Manak Majra in Bhagwanpur where they came to know that the ‘deceased’ had been in a relationship with the young girl for quite some time.

The investigation revealed that Mukarram used to roam around with his girlfriend, who is from another community, in Piran Kaliyar and cops started tracing the phone calls. On the basis of surveillance, cops succeeded to nab the accused.

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