Male VHP leader wearing Burqa caught teasing girls during Muharram Majlis

burgaA vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) leader, who was disguised in a burqa, was caught molesting Muslim women during commemoration of Muharram Majlis, to observe martyrdom of Imam Ali’s son Hussain, in Mauaima area of Allahabad on Sunday.

The locals thrashed the accused Abhishek Yadav before handing him to police, said a report in Times of India.

Burqa clad VHP leader allegedly caught molesting Muslim women during Muharram Majlis

Calling himself Hindu Abhishek Yadav in his poster and banners, he was earlier jailed for allegedly stoking communal tension in the area.

Police have filed an FIR against him for molestation and disturbing religious gathering.

According to the complaint, Abhishek got himself seated among the women and indulged in indecently touching the Majlis mourners.

A counter complaint has also been registered by Abhishek’s brother for physical assault.

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