Lonely doctor gives newspaper ads to adopt son and brother

doc2A Muslim doctor has given ad in newspaper seeking son and brother. He has a selection criteria for both of them. Candidate for brother must be fan of film director and poet Gulzar. He has also asked them to write a couple of paragraphs describing themselves. Both should be Muslim, educated, cultured, Urdu-speaking, and should not be demanding.

Matrimonial or an obituary in a newspaper is common, but an ad given by a man in this newspaper, seeking a son and also a brother, may not be that mainstream.

A Muslim doctor with an established practice is a bachelor and has no family or relatives at all. He felt lonely and isolated and hence gave an advertisement a couple of weeks ago in the Roznama Rashtriya Sahara newspaper, seeking company of a son or a brother.

“A bachelor (never married, no children) has no family at all. Absolutely no close relatives. Feels lonely, isolated and concerned about the future. While the laws may not allow legal adoption, the relationship could be the same.”

This first-page advertisement does not end here and next comes the criteria.


This anonymous doctor stated that he was looking for an unmarried brother who basically follows Gulzar. A poet or an artist brother because nothing beats a meaningful conversation.

“Muslim, 35-45 years old, unmarried, educated (would prefer professional person such as doctor, dentist, lawyer, researcher, poet, artist or accomplished person) who is kind, caring, sensitive, understanding and easy to get along personality.”

The doctor stated that he wanted to bond well and also talked about brotherhood.

“Must be Urdu-speaking (preferably read and write also). The ideal man would be one who does not have a brother and would like to have one. In order to develop bonding of brotherhood it would be essential to live together and therefore capable of moving.”


Maybe he wants to live a day as a father watching his son get married so he talks about wanting an unmarried son who is not demanding.

“The son should be 25-35, Muslim, unmarried. Someone cultured who understands traditional Muslim way of life and values it.”

Anybody overdosing on Hollywood movies and TV shows is a strict no.

“Not westernized in style of living or thinking. Would like someone flexible, adjusting to circumstances, not demanding.”

Every father wants his kid to be a scholar, so does he.

“Being a good student is a big advantage. A good athlete would be a strong plus.

“Ideal young man would be one who has no father and would like to have one. Will need to come and live with me to develop this relationship, hence be able to move.”

Since the doctor wants his brother or son to be a poet or a scholar, a couple of paragraphs would really serve as a screen test for seeking a perfect brother or a son.

“In responding, please tell me:

“1. Why you responded?

“2. What are your expectations?

“3. How would you build this relationship?

“Please write a couple of paragraphs about yourself.”

Here’s the e-paper and the front page advertisement beating the mainstream like nothing else.

The doctor needs some ‘sahara’ so he gave the ad in Sahara and has even given his email IDs for people who are interested.

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