Did Sunny Deol attack Hema Malini with knife?

sunny-deolIs there any body in India, as well as abroad, who does not know about the most talked-about love story of Hema Malini and Dharmendra? The answer is a straight no. Theirs was the most speculated and interrogated love story that the tinsel town in India had seen. The two were the screen heartthrobs for many people across the country, be it in the industry or out of it. Hema Malini was the ‘dream girl’ everyone wanted to date and Dharmendra was the macho man of Indian cinema. Their love story had to be a unique one. Here are few things you probably did not know about their love story:

Both Hema Malini and Dharmendra had to convert to Islam for getting married. Dharmendra’s first wife Prakash Kaur had denied giving a divorce and therefore he had to change to Islam which allows more than one marriage for a man. Hence Hema Malini too had to convert to get married to him. This really shows that both were madly in love with each other to do something which was much not prevalent in society.

Prakash and her sons never really liked Hema Malini. Though reports say that, Sunny and Bobby, are quite friendly with their half-sisters Esha and Ahana. The two daughters got married recently where both Sunny and Bobby were invited by Hema Malini yet they failed to turn up which showcases a rift underneath to still exist. The sons are reportedly very close to their mother and therefore probably are not at a good equation with the other Deol family.

After marriage of Dharmendra with Hema, it was reported that Sunny Deol was so much incensed that he attacked Hema with a knife.

When asked in an interview, Prakash said that it is not true that Sunny attacked Hema even though he was highly incensed over the issue.

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