Two killed as fire engulfs building having flats of Shobha De and Shekhar Bajaj

Two people died in a fire at the Maker Tower in Cuffe Parade area, south Mumbai today. Major fire broke out on the 20th and 21st floor of the prominent residential Maker Tower, at 6.30 today morning. Eight fire engines were rushed to the spot. The flat where the fire reportedly broke out belongs to industrialist Shekhar Bajaj, Chairman of Bajaj Electronics.


Two of his servants, who were present in the servant room of the gutted flat, died due to burn injuries and choking. They were rushed to the hospital but were declared dead on arrival.

Shekhar Bajaj was also in his house when the fire broke out, along with his wife, daughter, son-in-law and grandson.

Local resident and eyewitness Vaibhav Kapoor, who helped the fire fighters in saving the Bajaj family, said Bajaj was doing yoga with his yoga instructor when the fire broke out.



According to fire officials, 11 people were rescued from the high-rise building.

The fire reportedly broke out due to a short circuit.

Fire officials say it was a level 3 fire which broke out on the 20th and 21st floor of duplex residential flat no 201 and 211 of maker tower A Wing. The two flats, both of which belonged to Bajaj, were connected with internal staircase.

The officials said fire was only confined to household articles, electric wirings and ceiling of the two floors.

They also said that the fire-fighting system of the Maker Tower was in working condition and it helped brigade personnel to deploy resources quickly.

The situation is now under control and the rescue work is over. The rescue went on for two hours.

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