Minister Khwaja Haleem : Visionary who transformed industrial and tourism scenario of Uttar Pradesh

Advisor Tourism and ex Industries Minister of UP Mr. Khawaja Haleem at his office in Lucknow on October 24, 2016.
Advisor Tourism and ex Industries Minister of UP Mr. Khawaja Haleem at his office in Lucknow on October 24, 2016.

(latest: Khwaja Haleem recovers after suffering dizziness on Feb 5, 2017 during an election meeting in suburban Aligarh)

Lucknow, (Muslim Saleem): Khawaja Haleem is pride of Muslim community in Uttar Pradesh. The honest minister known for his impeccable image throughout his over 55 years long political career has done remarkable jobs as Minister and Advisor in Uttar Pradesh government.

Starting his career as a potent young leader of Aligarh with Youth Congress and then Indian National Congress, Khwaja Haleem joined Samajwadi Party. Here he was given the most important Industry Department as Minister.

It is noteworthy that Industry portfolio is always kept by the Chief Minister. It was for the first and last time that this department was assigned to a non-CM. Khwaja Haleem lived up to his reputation of honesty while chairing the department. Had anyone else given this portfolio, he would have amassed hundreds of crores of rupees. Khwaja Haleem remained steadfast to honesty.

Remember Noida land scam? You will be astonished to know that despite being a Minister, Khwaja Haleem’s name remained intact and never figured in any enquiry since neither he acquired any land anywhere in UP nor allotted it to his associates. Noida Metro and several other remarkable industrial project in UP go to Khwaja Haleem’s credit.

As for tourism, Khwaja Haleem is the person who has transformed it in Uttar Pradesh. He is Advisor Tourism in Uttar Pradesh.

During his tenure, tourism has risen to great heights in the state. Through his visionary approach, Khwaja Haleem constructed chains of tourism hotels and offices in almost all 85 districts of Uttar Pradesh. He implemented a number of novel concept in tourism sector.

He formed Paryatan Force which comprised personnel well trained in all aspects of hospitality to provide services and guidance to tourists at all tourism destinations in the state.

Khwaja Haleem established Regional Tourism Office at district headquarters which boosted tourism a great lot in Uttar Pradesh. Besides, he also constructed tourism bungalows in all districts.

Khwaja Haleem introduced bus and car service with guides to facilitate tourists. Due to his efforts tourism footfalls have increased manifold in Uttar Pradesh, which is a great achievement. His journey of impeccable service to the people as well as Muslims continues successfully. I wish him long and healthy life (experts from interview with Khwaja Haleem by Muslim Saleem at Lucknow on October 24, 20116.

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