Woman jawans deployed to safeguard border for first time in Indian history

soldiersFor the first time in the country’s history, woman jawans have been deployed to guard the border during Diwali. Due to the worsening situation at Indo-Pak border, these woman jawans are doing their job along with their male counterparts with full alertness, according to a report.

First time in history, woman jawans deployed to safeguards border

“We miss being with our family on Diwali festival but ensuring that citizens celebrate the festival of lights safely is the biggest thing for us. Knowing that with our guarding, countrymen are safe, there cannot be a bigger Diwali than this,” a woman jawan said.

Leaves of army personnel have been cancelled because of tension between India and Pakistan, and also because Pakistan is carrying out war exercise just across the international border.

The women guarding the borders hail from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Arunachal Pradesh and West Bengal.

Despite being thousands of kilometres away from their family members, these jawans have no signs of tension on their face. BSF headquarters has made special arrangements to celebrate Diwali so that jawans do not feel homesick and BSF officers too will join them.

The woman jawans are not allowing memories of home to hinder their duty.

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