Raped woman asked shameful questions during interrogation

rapeNEW DELHI: A woman in Kerala who has alleged that she was gang-raped two years ago has said police had humiliated her when she had filed a complaint. She told a press conference in Thiruvanthapuram on Thursday that police had asked her which of her rapists had given her the most pleasure.

The shocking revelations were made by the woman, a resident of Thrissur District, who covered her face to protect her identity. “We were made to sit like dogs in the station for four days. As part of evidence collection, they took me around to public places and would ask me to explain how it happened,” she said, as her husband sat next to her.

“I was tortured mentally and we decided to withdraw the case,” she added.

The woman claims the alleged gang-rape took place two years ago, and that she had filed the police complaint a few months later, at the insistence of her husband. She alleged that she had been raped by CPM leader PN Jayaraman, his brother and two others.

The incident had been raised by Malayalam film dubbing artiste and social activist Bhagya Lakshmi, who had posted her conversation with the woman on Facebook.

The CPM leader who has been accused of the gang-rape has said the complaint was false. He has claimed that the woman had filed the complaint when he asked her husband to return money he had borrowed.

Kerala’s police chief Loknath Behra has promised proper action in the case, after receiving a fresh complaint from the woman. “All of you can believe me, when I say that proper action will be taken on the complaint of the victim and there will be no let down,” he said.

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