One who moved on foot now travels in matador

Bhopal, November 9, 2016 (Ataullah Faizan):  Farmer Mr. Ratiram of village Hinotia of District Guna has become crorepati now. Once upon a time, the person who moved on foot now rides motorcycle and travels in matador. Vegetables production has brought changes in his life. Mr. Ratiram had enough agriculture land but due to scarcity of irrigation water, he was unable to utilize his land properly. He used to grow only traditional crops due to rain water. Mr. Ratiram came to know about the assistance from the horticulture department and with the help of the department, he started plantation of Guava, goose berry, high breed tomatoes, lady fingers, garlic and chilies. He arranged sprinklers system and pack house, which helped him bring changes in his life.  The farmer Ratiram did business worth lakhs in the first year itself. After that he concentrated only on horticulture crops leaving behind the traditional crops. Mr. Ratiram purchased one matador, three motorcycles and two tractors from the vegetables’ income . Not only this, he dug three wells at his agriculture land and he has taken additional 100 bigha land on contract for horticulture crops. He now share his experience with other farmers and encouraged them to produce horticulture crops.

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