All 500 Mandis of state will function as usual from November 10

Bhopal, November 10, 2016 (Ataullah Faizan):  Managing Director of Madhya Pradesh State Agriculture Marketing Board Mr. Rakesh Shrivastava has directed all the 500 mandis of the state to function as usual from November 10. Directives issued to the officers of the board working in the divisions and districts, Presidents and Secretaries of Mandi societies stated to ensure sale and purchase activities with the farmers as usual. Moreover, it is mentioned in the directives that the district administration after deliberating with the representatives of Mandi Licensees and banks should normalize the activities as before. Notified agriculture produces being brought by the farmers should be duly auctioned. Moreover, in compliance to the decision of the Reserve bank of India, financial transactions should be undertaken through RTGS in legal currency and bank drafts under the provisions of Mandi Act. It is mentioned in the directives that this procedure will applicable on permission letters issued for exit of agriculture produces bought by the licensee traders also. Further, the directives stated that the secretary of the mandi will be responsible to ensure payment to farmers and receipt of amount by the mandi societies as per the Mandi Act and Byelaws. Permission letters should be issued after ensuring pass book entry of amount transferred in the mandi society’s bank account. It has also been mentioned in the directives that the Joint Directors and Deputy Directors of Zonal Offices can cancel earlier declared holidays if need arises. Order with duly reason will be issued in this matter.

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