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sarmayaI received two books complied by Targheeb Baland namely Sarmaya-e-Shuara and Intikhab-e-Rubaiyat. Before throwing light on these books, it is imperative to know who is Targheeb Baland and what are his services to the cause of Urdu language and literature.

Targheeb Baland Naqvi is an Urdu poet and writer based at Copenhagen in The Netherlands where he is constantly active for the cause of Urdu. His latest efforts have manifested in the form of these two books.

Sarmaya-e-Shuara is a monumental book. Spanning over magazine-size 940 pages, it contains couplets of almost all major poets of Urdu topic-wise. Kalam has been selected meticulously and special care has been given to correct spellings. Its first part contains topical poetry and the second part is comprised by specimen Kalam of poets.

Intikhab-e-Rubaiyat is perhaps the first collection of different poets’ Rubiyat for the first time. It is indeed a very precious book for which Targheeb Baland deserves encomiums. Voluminous preface by Navik Hamzapuri has added to attraction of the book,

I am posting various photographs of the books through which you can have address and phone numbers of the publishers.

sarmaya2 sarmaya3 intikhab intikhab2

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