ink1st Way – Use Thinner

As the Ink chemical composition contain 10%, 14% or 18% silver nitrate solution.  A silver nitrate which stains the skin on exposure to ultraviolet light, leaving a mark that is impossible to wash off and is only removed as external skin cells are replaced.

You can use Nail Polish Thinner to remove the bank Ink

2nd Way – Use Washing Soap & Water

You can use washing power – Aerial/ Tide/ Ghadi/ Rin etc. to remove the ink mark.

3rd Way – Use of Tea Bag

There are also effective way to remove RBI Bank Ink using Tea (Chai Patti).

4th way – Petrol/ Diesel/ Kerosene

Some, people are also saying that Election cum RBI Bank Ink used in finger nail can be removed using Petrol/ Kerosene or Diesel.

5th Way – Use of Lemon

This can be very much effective way to remove the Ink. Use Vitamin C (Lemon/ Orange juice ) to remove the stain.

6th Way – Use of Curd (Dahi)

Its seems, that Dahi (Curd) can be another way to remove the bank ink.

7th Way – White Vinegar

This is also another & best way to reduce the visibility of Bank Ink. You can use white vinegar to remove Bank Indelible Ink (Exchange Old Note Rs 500/ 1000) Finger Nail.

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