Status of Shaheed should be accorded to those dying in lines for notes

deathMany political parties in India are urging the Central Government to accord Status of Shaheed to those dying in lines for notes. Their family members should also be given Rs. 5 lakh each compensation.

The parties have quoted statements of Baba Ramdev and other BJP ministers and supporters that if a soldier can fight the enemy on fronts without eating for 8 days, then why people cannot do so. Thus they have equated common persons’ sacrifice for nation standing in queues for notes at banks and ATMs with army soldiers, who die for nation. When an army soldiers dies discharging his duty for which he is already paid handsomely, his next of kin are given compensation ranging from Rs. 10 to 20 lakh. Then why compensation is not being paid by the central government to the relatives of those who are dying in lines for notes at banks and ATMS?

The opposition is likely to raise this issue in Parliament when it resumes on Monday.

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