Woman jailed for having sex with dog in Australia

dogAustralian woman Jenna Louise Driscoll, who admitted she had sex with her dog, was told that she will be spending her weekend behind bars before she’s sentenced on Monday.

The judge described 27-year-old Jenna’s act as repulsive and completely against the order of nature.

Besides bestiality, she pleaded guilty to drug trafficking, biting a child and stabbing a woman with fork.

The court also learnt that Jenna started a relationship with a man 12 years her senior after she ran away from home at the age of 16. By 18, she had already started smoking cannabis.

A 27-year-old drug dealer who admitted to having sex with a dog will await her sentencing behind bars.

Jenna Louise Driscoll attended Brisbane District Court on Friday for sentencing after pleading guilty to bestiality and three drug-related charges in August.

But Driscoll’s sentencing wasreserved after a judge said bestiality acts were ‘repulsive and goes against order of nature’, 9 News reported.

During a pre-sentence submission in court, defence lawyer James Godbolt said Driscoll had been publicly shamed and had sex with her dog at the request of her then partner who filmed the incident.

Judge Terry Martin remanded Driscoll – who also admitted to stabbing someone with a fork, biting a child and trafficking cannabis – in custody.

Earlier on Friday, she arrived in court alongside her lawyer, staring at the ground as she avoided making eye contact with the waiting media photographers.


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