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Seven-day exhibition on ‘Shaiv tradition in bronze statues’ inaugurated

shaiv20-11-16Bhopal, November 20, 2016 (Ataullah Faizan):  Commissioner Archeology Mr. Anupam Rajan inaugurated photography exhibition on ‘Shaiv Tradition in Bronze statues’ in state museum, Shyamala Hills on the first day of World Heritage Week. Mr. Rajan saw photographs displayed in exhibition room.  Commissioner, Archeology Mr. Anupam Rajan expressed happiness over school students visiting the exhibition on the very first day. He said that school and college students should be encouraged to visit the state museum regularly so that they can know glorious heritage of state.  Photographs of selected art works of Shaiv tradition, from the important heritage of India, have been displayed in the exhibition. The art works are related with the period from first century to 20th century. They include rare and important statues of Ganesh, Kartikey, Nandi, Shiv, Nrityarat Shiv, Veenadhar Shiv, Panchmukhi Sadashiv, Shiv Dakshinamurti etc. The statues are excellent artworks of museums from the USA, the UK, France, Cambodia and Thailand apart from museums of India.

Photographs of rare statues of Shiv, Parvati, Kartikey, Ganesh and Shiv Vahan Nandi, have been collected from departmental collection, research, scriptures and internet. Exhibition focuses on Shiv family that’s why different features of Shiv and Parvati are exhibited there. Photographs of bronze statues reveal immortality, mysteries and attractions towards Boddha, jain and Hindu culture. History of bronze statues in fact is found to be started from civilisation of Sindhu valley in Asia.

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