Half-printed Rs. 2000 and Rs, 500 notes dispensed from ATMs, images become viral

halfAfter the shocking news of demonetisation made by the Modi government on the 8th of November, the public was eagerly waiting to lay their hands on the newly issued currency notes. While the need to fulfil their daily needs was of prime importance, it didn’t change the fact they were equally excited to click a selfie with the new note.

It was during this selfie craze that the news of a certain printing error on the Rs. 2000 note made headlines. With several claiming that the printed text ‘Don hazaar rupaye’ was in-fact an error as opposed to ‘Do hazaar rupaye’, it was later clarified that this wasn’t a mistake, but simply how it is written in Indian languages, Marathi and Konkani.

Post the revelation, it seemed like the ones who did lay their hands on the currency could breathe a sigh of relief.  That is until the news of a certain misprint on Rs. 2000 and 500 notes began dawning headlines yet again.

half2The images of the currency note lacking solid amounts of printing in certain places has been going viral on social sites. According to twitter users, the cash was withdrawn from an HDFC bank; one from Nagaland, and the other from Mumbai.

While several claim that these notes are mere badly photocopied versions of the real currency, several others seem to believe the notes are real. The truth of the matter is yet to be relieved.

A closer look at the viral images…


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