Toddler beaten up badly by maid at daycare centre, hospitalised

beatenMumbai: A 10-month old baby girl was brutally beaten up by a maid in a day care centre in Navi Mumbai. The insane act was caught on CCTV camera of the day care centre in which the maid Afsana Shaikh can be seen clearly beating the infant. The video has gone viral on social media as the infant has been admitted to hospital with several internal injuries. The maid and the owner of the day care centre have been arrested by the Kharghar police and the incident has been probed by the authorities.

According to reports, the brutal incident took place at Purva Day Care centre famous in Kharghar where several kids are kept by working mothers and fathers. The video shows that the frustrated maid – identified as Afsana Shaikh, 29, – first beats the 10-month old baby girl with her hands and when the infant started crying she throws her on the floor. The infant when kept crying the maid beats her badly after which the girl gets unconscious.

The baby suffered severe head injuries, according to medical reports.

CCTV footage from the centre shows the help throwing the baby around.

The mother of the baby dropped her at the playschool and nursery around 8.30am before she left for work on Monday. When she came back later in the day, she was not allowed to enter the centre.

“Then I called the owner of the centre from my office and asked if everything was okay. She replied that my baby was eating biscuits and that she was perfectly fine,” the mother told HT.

“When managed to see her, I found she was lying unconscious. Some parts of her body were swollen and I could see some bruises on her face. The owner told me that the baby hit herself with a toy. I was taken aback, but we came home that day,” she said.

 The baby started vomiting at night and her parents took her to a hospital in Vashi. “After examinations, the doctors informed us that the baby was brutally assaulted. We then contacted the owner of the centre, but she behaved arrogantly and would not take responsibility. We had then no option but to approach the police and narrate the entire incident,” she said.

The parents claimed the police were not ready to register a case at first. They sent the parents to the centre to get the CCTV footage. “We sat at the centre from 8.30pm to 11pm, but the owner did not give us the footage. We finally managed to get the footage on Wednesday afternoon, wherein we saw the help throwing our baby around like a football,” she added.

The police finally registered a case against the owner of the centre and the help on Thursday and arrested them. They have booked them under sections 325, 34 and 23 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). They were produced before the court on Thursday and the owner was released on bail.

Meanwhile, the parents also received the medical reports, which say there is bleeding in the baby’s brain, which is suggestive of haemorrhage. This apart, there is also a “suspicious fracture involving the occipital bone in the midline”, the report says. A copy of the medical report is with Hindustan Times.

“We don’t know why they assaulted our baby like that. We don’t have any personal enmity with them,” the baby’s father said.

Dilip Kale, senior police inspector of Kharghar police station said, “We registered the case before we saw the CCTV footages. We still have not seen the medical reports. Thus we registered the case under those sections of IPC. Once we get all the details, we will add the relevant sections and if need be we will re-arrest the accused.”

मुंबई.नवी मुंबई के एक डे केयर सेंटर में 10 महीने की मासूस के साथ आया ने ऐसा बर्ताव किया, जिसे जानकर हर किसी की रूह कांप उठे। काफी देर तक वह रोती-बिलखती बच्ची को पटती रही। मासूम की चीखों का भी उस पर कोई असर नहीं पड़ा। मामले का खुलासा उस वक्त हुआ, जब बच्ची के सिर में गंभीर चोट आई और ब्लीडिंग होने पर उसे हॉस्पिटल में भर्ती कराया गया। पेरेंट्स की शिकायत पर पुलिस ने बुधवार को केस दर्ज कर ऑनर और आया को अरेस्ट कर लिया। हालांकि बाद में ऑनर को बेल मिल गई। क्या है मामला?
– मीडिया रिपोर्ट्स के मुताबिक, मासूम से हैवानियत की यह घटना नवी मुंबई के पूर्वा प्ले स्कूल में हुई। जहां 21 नवंबर को मां रुचिता सिन्हा, अपनी बच्ची को पहली बार छोड़कर गई थीं।
– बच्ची की मां ने एक चैनल से कहा, ”मेरी बच्ची को सिर में बहुत चोट आई है। डे केयर की सीसीटीवी से सब कुछ देखा जा सकता है कि कैसे मासूम बच्ची को पीटा गया। बेटी के सिर से बहुत ब्लीडिंग हुई।”
– ”मैंने बुधवार को 4 बजे पुलिस से शिकायत की। जिसके बाद रात 12 बजे एफआईआर दर्ज की गई। मामूली धाराओं में केस दर्ज किया, चाइल्ड प्रोटेक्शन एक्ट नहीं लगाया। सीसीटीवी की कॉपी नहीं मिली है, पुलिस दे नहीं रही है।”
‘फोन किया तो ऑनर बोली- बच्ची मेरे सामने है’
– रुचिता ने कहा, ”ऑनर प्रियंका निगम को पुलिस ने पकड़ा और फिर छोड़ दिया। आरोपी आया को 14 दिन की ज्यूडीशियल कस्टडी में भेजा गया है।”
– ”मेरी मां दिनभर प्ले स्कूल के बाहर घूमती रही, लेकिन उसे बच्ची से मिलने नहीं दिया गया। ये भी नहीं बताया कि उसे चोट आई है।”
– ”सोमवार को ऑनर वहां नहीं थी। वो मेरी बच्ची को आया के भरोसे छोड़ गई। जब मैंने फोन पर पूछा तो बोली, बच्ची मेरे सामने ही है।”


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